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What’s Gem Energy Medicine?

Gem energy prescription medication is the science and art of uplifting your body, feelings, mind, and spirit using healing gemstones or remedies imparted using the powers of those gemstones. It’s a modality that actually works directly using the body’s energy field. This energy field includes the aura that surrounds your body, as well as the energetic counterparts of physically manifested tissue.

The actual premise for gem treatments are the key “as above, so below.” The power field from the body exists “above” in a greater vibration than physical tissue. It’s also in line with the observation the energetic condition of tissue and cells precedes its physical manifestation. Health problems, disease, weakness, discomfort, even injuries are caused first by disturbances within the energetic fabric. Whenever you release these disturbances, then harmony and health within the physical tissue is free of charge to heal.

Gem energy medicine also works in a much deeper level to locate and address the emotional, karmic, or mental influences that caused the energetic disharmony to begin with. Thus gem energy prescription medication is ideal not just in order to your body cope with manifested health problems, but in addition for preventive therapy. If you are using the gemstones or gem remedies that you’re drawn to, disharmony at greater amounts of your being is going to be remedied before it manifests physically.

Gem energy medicine practitioners respect the innate intelligence from the body, and notice that intelligence exists at various levels and the body centers. Amounts of intelligence range from the molecular, cellular, organ, organ system, and entire body, along with the emotional, karmic, mental, and spiritual. Intelligence centers range from the heart, mind, stomach, and much more particularly, each one of the chakra centers. Using gem therapy to obvious and open these intelligence centers helps an individual make smarter choices in every aspect of existence, for example what foods to consume, how to proceed when challenged by relationship problems, how you can succeed financially, what therapies will best treat a particular health problem, as well as which gemstones for self-therapy.

Look at the energetic reasons for health problems is definitely an advanced study. By making use of therapeutic gemstones within the aura, a gem counselor can determine the kinds of energetic anomalies and imbalances that underlie a physical disease. A gem counselor would compare the gemstones that the client’s energy field generally attracts, including the objective of these gemstones as well as their physiological affinities, considering that the client’s energy field interacts using the gemstones. This method can paint an image from the energetic nature from the disharmony and provide clues on how to alleviate it.

Because gem energy medicine works energetically, it’s a complementary modality. You can use it securely with mainstream medicine, chiropractic, herbs, flower remedies, massage, cranial-sacral therapy, homeopathy, psychiatric therapy, yet others. Gem energy medicine provides fundamental energetic support to boost the advantages someone receives from all of these other therapies.