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Should I Work out When I’m Sick?

You have been keen to stick to your workout routine and have barely skipped a day since you got back or started. Then one of the days you are down with a bout of flu or any other sickness and do not know if to stay away from training or to go on as usual despite the ill health. So, should you miss your treadmill session or any other workout and instead take a rest or a nap? Will it prove hard to get back to your training routine if you skip for several days?

To Exercise when sick or not?

Well, whether you should exercise when sick or you should not depend on the illness you are ailing from. You may exercise if you have a cold, for example.However, if you have a fever, hitting the gym would not be a good idea. Fever is the main issue or limiting factor, according to a sports medicine expert.  You are discouraged from working out and making your body temperature go up internally in case you already have a fever. Doing so could make you sicker.

The “above-the-neck” rule

You should do a neck check to determine the level of activity to engage in if you have respiratory problems. In the cases where the symptoms are above the neck like sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat and so on, you can go ahead to exercise. When the symptoms are below the neck, including coughing, fever, fatigue, body ache and others, you should shelve working out up to when these symptoms subside.

The Rule of thumb

Lewis G. Maharam, MD, a sports medicine expert in New York, gives this rule of thumb in relation to working out when sick- you should perform the workout that you can and if you cannot do it, then don’t. To ensure you achieve your fitness goals expeditiously, and get a great physique, consider supplementing the workouts with fabulous steroids from muscle fax, one of the best online steroid vendor.

Another expert adds that if you have just a little sniffle and after taking some medication you feel better, it would be in order to work out. However, when you are experiencing some bronchial tightness, you would rather not work out.

Reduce the intensity when sick

You need to take a walk instead of a run when you are feeling unwell. You are better off reducing the intensity or doing a regenerative activity such as yoga or Pilates. It is common to feel tired and lethargic when sick due to the release of cytokines by your immune system to help fight the infections. This may make training to be a bit difficult and for fatigue to set in earlier than normal. For this reason, you should restrict yourself to a moderate training and keep of high-intensity workouts. Ideally, you should do less than normal – moderate aerobic or strength training is good enough.

Final thought

The duration over which you should keep away from training depends on the sickness, for instance a cold with complications such as bronchitis can take up to two weeks. You should also know that exercising in itself can help to boost immunity. Thirty minutes of a workout for three to four times a week is recommended. On the contrary, intense workout sessions like the ones done by elite athletes can bring down immunity. The secret is to strike a balance.