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Reasons to Buy Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine, or PS, is the name given to phospholipid; a fatty acid compound which is structurally similar to triacylglycerol. It is an essential component of the cells that are found in the tissues and the body organs, including the brain. It forms a part of every cell membrane and offers structure, as well as, protection. Maintenance of cellular function is vital and for this, the body requires PS. Apart from the brain, other bodily functions also benefit a lot from this compound including heartbeat coordination, bone formation, cell repair, and hormone secretion. Your body can manufacture it, but the primary source is food.

The foods that are rich in PS are soy lecithin, fish, white beans, and animal organs like livers and hearts. There is a difference between the fatty acid compositions between those derived from plants compared to those extracted from animals, though both are highly beneficial. Most of the supplements of this compound are found in soy lecithin. Cabbage and sunflower seeds are also good sources of this compound. You can buy phosphatidylserine from a local health store or can buy it online too. Whenever you choose to buy it, make sure that the brand is a reputable one as the cheaper versions do not work well.

The multiple benefits of Phosphatidylserine:

It has been reported that one in every six people, who are over 80 years of age suffers from dementia. Though the chance of occurrence of this disease is more among older adults, yet younger people become victims too. Phosphatidylserine is one compound that can reduce the possibility of this disease. One of the most potential benefits of this compound is that it reverses or even halts cognitive decline symptoms. According to a research result, people who took this supplement witnessed significant improvements in learning and verbal recall. The users could copy the complicated shapes with high speed. Another study showed that it enhanced the ability to remember the memorized words.

Individuals who were supplemented with this compound showed significant improvements in mental flexibility and memory recall. Statistically, there were improvements not just in cognitive abilities but also in behavioral patterns. This drug has a vital role to play for fighting against memory loss and decline in mental activity. It improves your mood and protects the mind against depression. Even athletes have experienced enhancement in their sports performance after taking this drug.  Many studies have revealed that users consuming this compound have perceived lower fatigue levels after exercising. It is said that this supplement may play a role in speeding your recovery and sharpening reflexes after an intense physical workout.


This compound can be stacked with any other nootropic, because it is a well-tolerated and a safe supplement. The popular choices for stacking are Pramiracetam and Noopept. These two nootropics get their benefits in a much different way than PS, so combining them can produce good synergistic effects. Several products stack PS in their formula. The combination works quite well for the supplements. Another way of using it is in the form of a supplements; irrespective of whether it is taken alone or along with another nootropic. Use this compound regularly if your long-term goal is maintaining your overall health.


The typical dosage recommended for this medication is 100 mg to be taken thrice daily. As every person reacts in a completely different manner, this dosage may be taken as a general guideline. The dosage may be adjusted differently if you want optimal results. However, the maximum dosage that needs to be taken, should not exceed 500 mg daily. Beyond that, there are possibilities of side effects. You can buy phosphatidylserine from an online store or a health store near you.