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Do You Wish to Set an Appointment for Breast Cancer Screening?

If you are an older woman, you should schedule breast cancer screenings regularly. That is because the risk of getting breast cancer increases with age. Most of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are 40 years or older. However, keep in mind that men can develop breast cancer as well. While it is rare in males, breast cancer affects about one percent of the male population.

Some Breast Cancers Are Associated with Genetics

About 10% of breast cancers are related to genetics. For example, certain genes, which are associated with breast cancer, occur in about half of the families whose medical histories contain incidents of ovarian or breast cancer.

Patients Who Have an Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Take advantage of breast cancer screening available in Singapore, regardless of your age or medical history. Just make sure that you give the screening full weight if the following applies to you:

  • You are a woman whose fertile period was longer.
  • You are a woman who gave birth for the first time when you were over 30 years old.
  • You are a woman who has never had children who is over the age of 30.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

You may have breast cancer and need to be screened if you experience certain symptoms. The most common and frequent symptoms is noticing a lump in the breast. Also, women may complain of nipple discharge or enlarged lymph glands in the area of the armpit.

Some of the Related Tests

When a breast screening is conducted, the doctor order a mammogram and a biopsy, especially if a breast lump is found. Once breast cancer is diagnosed, other tests may be order to determine the stage of cancer. If the cancer is advanced or metastasized, it has spread to other parts of the body.

Treating Breast Cancer

When breast cancer is diagnosed, surgery is the usual form of treatment. The breast normally cannot be preserved and a mastectomy is scheduled. To treat the remaining disease, the patient must undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy after the surgery is performed.

Regularly Schedule Breast Cancer Screenings

You should not wait to have a cancer screening when you suspect a lump. Instead, make it a practice to have a screening made yearly. That way, you can receive treatment before the disease spreads or worsens. Do all you can to ensure the health of your breasts by practicing prevention.

Are You Over 40 Years Old?

If you know that your family has a history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer, you are considered a high-risk candidate. Therefore, you need to take screenings seriously. Do not wait until you suspect that you may have the disease. Any screening for women over 40 is advised, as it enables doctors to treat the disease early and make better progress. Take a proactive stance when it comes to the health of your breasts, and arrange a screening today.

Make sure you visit a cancer centre that offers screenings, diagnoses, and treatments so that you can receive the best of care. Always work with a provider that is totally committed to cancer prevention and care.